Are you new in the Netherlands? Do you want to learn about living in Zwolle?

We can help you participate. One of our buddies will join you (and your family) on your journey to settle in your new home country.

Together we'll discover your opportunities in Zwolle

If you’re new to Zwolle, we would like to help you. The Dutch language and rules can be complicated. Maybe you feel lonely and you don’t know anyone in Zwolle. And where can you find a job that suits your education and work history?

We would love to help you! If you sign up, we’ll match you to on of our buddies. Your buddy will help you where to find new people to talk to or to do activities with, where to find a (volunteer) job and other activities. Your buddy can also support you if you have practical questions about forms and letters, and show you which organisations can help you.

This way, you will be able to participate more and more in Zwolle. Our buddies are glad to be of help and will do so for free.



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Getting started

A coordinator will contact you. Together, you’ll plan an intake to discuss what it is you want to work on.

Our coordinator will check which buddy fits your situation and will make a match.

The coordinator, the buddy and you will plan a meeting. Together, you’ll make a plan of action which will benefit you most.

Together is the key to our approach. Your buddy will help you along until you can do it on your own. You’ll stay in contact for when you happen to have any questions.

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